Publications, 1974-1982

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Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Properties of ventromedial hypothalamic neurons with axons to midbrain
central gray. Exp Brain Res 1982; 46(2):292-300.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff D. Electrophysiologic determination of projections from ventromedial hypo-
thalamus to midbrain central gray: differences between female and male rats. Brain Res 1981; 225(1):184-188.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. LH-RH in the mesencephalic central grey can potentiate lordosis reflex of
female rats. Nature 1980; 283(5747):566-567.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Covergent effects of lordosis-relevant somatosensory and hypothalamic
influences on central gray cells in the rat mesencephalon. Exp Neurol 1980; 70(2):269-281.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Excitability of female rat central gray cells with medullary projections:
changes produced by hypothalamic stimulation and estrogen treatment. J Neurophysiol 1980; 44(5):1012-1023.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Cells of origin of medullary projections in central gray of rat mesencephalon.
J Neurophysiol 1980; 44(5):1002-1011.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Mesencephalic mechanisms for integration of female reproductive behavior in
the rat. Am J Physiol 1979; 237(5):R285-R290.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Facilitation of female reproductive behavior from mesensephalic central gray
in the rat. Am J Physiol 1979; 237(5):R278-R284.
Pfaff DW, Sakuma Y. Deficit in the lordosis reflex of female rats caused by lesions in the ventro-
medial nucleus of the hypothalamus. J Physiol 1979; 288:203-210.
Pfaff DW, Sakuma Y. Facilitation of the lordosis reflex of female rats from the ventromedial nucleus
of the hypothalamus. J Physiol 1979; 288:189-202.
Kawakami M, Sakuma Y, Akema T. Effects of estrogen and aminergic drugs on thresholds of
medial basal hypothalamic axons in the median eminence of the rat. Brain Res 1978; 151(3):533-544.
Kawakami M, Sakuma Y. Electrophysiological evidences for possible participation of peri-
ventricular neurons in anterior pituitary regulation. Brain Res 1976; 101(1):79-94.
Sakuma Y, Kawakami M. Neural and humoral interactions between basal prechiasmatic area and
median eminence. Prog Brain Res 1975; 42:323-324.
Kawakami M, Sakuma Y. Responses of hypothalamic neurons to the microiontophoresis of LH-RH,
LH and FSH under various levels of circulating ovarian hormones. Neuroendocrinology 1974; 15(5):290-307.

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