Publications, 1983-1991

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Hasegawa N, Takeo T and Sakuma Y, Differential regulation of estrogen-dependent sexual
development of rat brain by growth factors. Neuroscience Letters 123: 183-186, 1991.
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to ventral midbrain. Neuroscience Letters 119: 171-174, 1990.
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rats. American Journal of Physiology 258: R924-R929, 1990.
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female rat reproductive behavior. In: Pheromones and Reproduction, ed by Y Sagara and K Seto, Parthenon, Carnforth, pp.179-188, 1990.
Takahashi Y, Yamanaka H, Akiyama I, Sakuma Y. Brain aromatase activity and behavioral
consequences in the male rat treated in utero with 4-hydroxy-androstenedione. Endocrinol Jpn 1989; 36(1):29-36.
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tiation of the rat hypothalamus. Neurosci Res 1988; 6(2):181-185.
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magnocellular neurons in the rat. Neurosci Lett 1988; 84(1):57-62.
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ventromedial hypothalamus in the rat. Exp Neurol 1988; 99(2):247-258.
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Res 1987; 407(2):401-404.
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in the rat ventromedial hypothalamus. J Neurophysiol 1987; 57(4):1148-1159.
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thalamic nucleus of the female rat. J Physiol 1986; 372:207-220.
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neurons of the rat hypothalamus: latency variations correlated with the firing rate. Exp Brain Res 1985; 61(1):169-174.
Akaishi T, Sakuma Y. Gonadal steroid actions on the paraventricular magnocellular neuro-
secretory cells of the male rat. Neurosci Lett 1985; 54(1):91-96.
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ventricular nucleus of female rat hypothalamus. Brain Res 1985; 335(2):302-305.
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the mesencephalic central grey matter in rats. J Physiol 1984; 349:287-297.
Sakuma Y. Influences of neonatal gonadectomy or androgen exposure on the sexual differen-
tiation of the rat ventromedial hypothalamus. J Physiol 1984; 349:273-286.
Sakaguchi T, Ishiguro K, Saitoh R, Hasegawa A, Sakuma Y. Different effects of D-glucose anomers
on enhanced secretion of gastric acid in rat. Brain Res 1984; 305(1):144-147.
Sakuma Y, Pfaff DW. Modulation of the lordosis reflex of female rats by LHRH, its antiserum
and analogs in the mesencephalic central gray. Neuroendocrinology 1983; 36(3):218-224.

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